Outfit of the Day 3

I never thought I would ever write an Outfit of the Day post about myself; I always felt it was kind of awkward, but I have had numerous people telling me I should post one so, alas I have given in and it shall now be a regular thing here in OneThirdGinger.

When you first see this outfit, you may think to yourself  “self…isn’t she wearing a sweater and she lives in Texas?” and, yes, you would be correct. I am in fact wearing a sweater, in the blistering summer heat of Texas. You see folks, my office is generally kept at a rather chilly temperature, so I can get away with several otherwise seasonally-inappropriate garments.

Today, I was wearing a Gap sweater (click Here to view a similar one) that I recently received as a gift from my father. He is an incredible shopper, and always has been since I was a child! It’s a lightweight sweater and very comfortable, and it paired perfectly with my olive-green shorts from Target. According to their website, you can buy them HERE for $19.99, but I know for a fact that if you go into the stores they are only $13!


My booties, paired of course with tall grey socks, are from Kohls. Unfortunately, they no longer carry them, but you can buy a similar pair that would look cute with this outfit at DSW. Here are a couple of links for pairs I think are cute, one, two, three, and four.

Check out these celebs also rocking shorts and booties.




Click the photos above to be taken to the corresponding pictures blog.

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