Outfit of the Day 4

Now that I have committed to this whole “Outfit of the Day” thing, here is another one. Today, I wore my favorite knit sweater; it is beyond soft and I love the different knits and yarns implemented in the design. I honestly do not remember where the top is from, because I’m pretty sure it was a gift, but you can buy a similar one from Urban Outfitters HERE, HERE, and HERE. These shorts (which I steal from my sister) are my absolute favorite; they are the perfect combination of loose, yet not overly baggy, but unfortunately Urban Outfitters no longer carries them. The belt I’m wearing happens to be my fathers, and I just added a few holes. My parents have the coolest hand-me-downs; yours probably do too, if you take a look. Paired with my beige Pink and Pepper buckle booties from DSW, and my lovely Cartier-inspired nail bracelet from Merci Beaucoup to top it all off.


Now, for the segment of this post where I show gorgeous celebrities in much fancier brands in versions of the items I’m wearing! The Chloe boot, which you can purchase from Saks has been super popular the past few spring/summer seasons, and we have seen everyone from Emma Roberts to Ashley Greene rocking this functional, yet fashionable footwear.




This shoe was especially popular at Coachella, where you can see Sarah Hyland wearing a variation of this style below.


Despite the fact that one Cartier bracelet could pay for a semester of college, celebrities still have to have them. And, while I love the knock-off I’m wearing today, I can’t imagine paying the price these celebs do to wear one simple bracelet, but I will admit they look super cute. Check out Miranda Kerr and Kristin Stewart!



Make sure to click the images to be directed to the blogs I sourced them from, and as always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

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