A Day in Houston


I was recently reminiscing my childhood summers, and how as an adult they were just not the same. Summers are supposed to be spent at bonfires, late night movies, swimming in lakes, yet now it feels like I simply survive. So, I deemed today adventure day, and I informed my brother, Jonathan, that we were going on an adventure. Upon further questioning, I informed him that I did not yet know what it was, but we were going to find one.

Our adventure ended up leading us to the art district of downtown Houston. Our first stop was the Houston Center for Photography (click HERE to visit their website); it was fascinating, and best of all it was FREE! We enjoyed walking around and viewing all of the various pieces, and they did not even have a no-photo policy, so we took turns snapping photos of each other evaluating the art.



Several of my favorite photos at the gallery.



Our next stop was the Menil Collection, which was also free to view (click HERE to visit their site); it was a massive structure, with room after room chock-full of various art collections. They had amassed everything from sculptures, clothing, oil paintings, to ancient masks, all of which was closely monitored by umpteen officials with ear pieces watching our every step.

After we felt sufficiently cultured, we were famished, so we headed to a local BBQ spot we had passed recently.


Bakers Ribs (click HERE) was a let down…the brisket was fairly decent, although it was rather dry, and the prices were not comparable to the quality. The sides, while plentiful, were not to be raved about either. The potato salad was okay, while the mac and cheese was decent but overly cheesy, and the beans were not good at all. The staff was highly unpleasant and our over-all decision was to never dine there again.


After the let down of our meal, we wanted to end the night on a pleasant note, and headed to a local park. We were thrilled to find out that there was one located right near our apartment, and after winding our way through a neighborhood, we were rather disappointed by the small park; regardless we decided to walk around. Much to our delight, we discovered a trail that lead down to a small river, where people who go canoeing launch their boats.




All in all it was a great way to end our Adventure!

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