Tuna Avocado Burger

Hello summer!! There is something about sinking your teeth into a delicious burger topped with mustard, tomato, and lettuce, that makes you feel like summer has arrived. You can still have this wonderful, and tasty seasonal meal, while staying healthy! Let me introduce you to the Tuna Avocado Burger!


Two Large Avocados

Four Cans of Tuna

Creole Seasoning (to taste)

One onion (optional)

This is the most basic meal you could ever make, and it tastes phenomenal! First, take two avocados and mash them up, open the cans of tuna and strain out the excess water, mix the tuna with the avocado and add in the creole seasoning. Next, if you like onions, chop and add the small pieces. Finally, divide up the mixture into five patties, and place on a frying pan. If you cover the pan with a lid it helps them to heat evenly, while the outsides get crispy. It only takes a few minutes for each side to fully cook, so be careful not to burn them, I learned this lesson the hard way!!

Place the delicious “burger” on a bun with your favorite toppings, and voilà…a delicious plate of goodness lies before you.


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