Pineapple Peach Sangria



For Memorial Day Weekend we decided to grill out, and enjoy some delicious glasses of Sangria! We used one LARGE bottle of white Pinot Grigio, one 29 oz. can of peaches, and two 20 oz. canes of pineapple chunks.


We poured all of the white wine into the pitcher, sliced up the peaches into bite sized chunks and added the peach juice.


We added one can off pineapple chunks, along with the juice from the first and second can. The additional pineapple chunks we saved for use at a later date.

After stirring, and filling our glasses with ice, we adjourned to the patio.


Amidst a swarm of flies, we enjoyed  our refreshing beverages, while munching down on mini burgers and hot dogs.


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