3 Ingredient Blackhead Removal

Considering the only things that are sure in life are death, taxes, and blackheads, we decided to attempt another blackhead removal recipe. In our last post we used baking soda and lemon juice, this time we will be attempting to produce a successful mask with milk, gelatin and coconut oil. IMG_9115   We used one and a half table spoons of milk (or three teaspoons), for three masks, but we should have made more, so I would suggest a tablespoon per person..   IMG_9119   Next, we poured one pack of gelatin into the milk, and began to stir furiously. IMG_9124   After the gelatin was fully mixed, we added a “plop” of coconut oil. The original recipe called for Tea Tree Oil, but as numerous family members are highly allergic to that particular oil, we decided it would be prudent to not rub that on our faces.

Coconut oil is known for reducing redness, and can even be used to reduce the damaging effects of sunburn. IMG_9128Here are our pores before the mask…IMG_9136IMG_9142IMG_9148After heating up the concoction in the microwave, we quickly applied it to our noggins. You must act hastily or it will harden, and  you will not be able to apply it, but be cautious so as not to burn yourself.

UntitledIMG_9245We let it set for about twenty minutes before removing it.IMG_9498IMG_9448IMG_9464And the results…. As you can see below we thought it was pretty unsuccessful, but please give it a try and let me know your results!IMG_9485 IMG_9492 IMG_9504

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