Beef Enchilada Casserole

For this week’s Recipe Recon I chose a Mexican dish. I recently came across the “Chicken Enchilada Casserole” on Pinterest and decided it looked positively delectable, as well as simple and filling! After reading the recipe, we (my sister and I) decided to spruce it up just a bit.


 Altered recipe:

2 pounds ground beef browned

1 bag of Old El Paso Taco Seasoning

1 can of refried beans

2 cans enchilada sauce

frozen Corn (to taste)

6 tortillas

1block of cheese

The original recipe:

1.5 lbs chicken – cooked and chopped or shredded

1 can enchilada sauce

1/2 can corn

1/2 can black beans – rinsed

1/2 cup chopped onions

4 Lo-Carb Tortillas

1.5 cups shredded cheese

First, we decided to change the black beans to refried beans, so we put those on the stove to heat, and this was a good time to start cooking the rice as well.


Next, due to the fact that we had another chicken meal planned for later that week, we decided to use ground beef instead of chicken. We browned the meat, and then put it in a strainer to remove the excess fat.


 After the ground beef was finished draining, put it back on the stove top. Christy and I decided to add a little more flavor to our meat by adding taco seasoning with a little bit of water! (We used Old El Paso Original Taco Seasoning Mix, but I’m sure whatever normal seasoning you use would work great.)


Next, she added some frozen corn to the refried bean; honestly we just dumped until we had the desired amount. (If you prefer canned corn, that would work, too.)


Then, we took a selfie! (It’s important to document moments like these.)


Now we were ready to begin the layering!

 First Christy buttered the pan, to prevent sticking, and then I added a light layer of the enchilada sauce. Placing two tortillas down on the sauce, we then covered these with more enchilada sauce. The recipe calls for one can, but we found that two was a much better ratio. (We LOVE sauce…the more the better!)


Now we heaped on some of the ground beef, and added the beans and corn; my mouth is already watering at this point!


Make sure you take an artistic photo of you grating cheese!


We decided to spice up the recipe a little with some rice added into the layers… I know, we are getting crazy in this kitchen, but at this point the boys were sticking with the Mexican theme and made us all margaritas! Sprinkle the rice and cheese on top of the last layer.


The results ladies and gentlemen!


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