Black and White


I started with a white base coat, and honestly, at this point, I had a completely different direction in mind, but sometimes you just have to go with those gut feelings and change your nails on a whim… live life on the wild side… go sky diving, or maybe just stick with a fun set of nails! I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails white polish… or “110 Hard To Get”. At this point, I am praying that my choice of nail polish is not a foreshadowing of my love life.


(Ignore my knuckles… I took up boxing)

Next step… Well it looks terrible, so add another coat! If anyone knows of a white nail polish that does not require at least two coats to look satisfactory, please comment below and educate me!


Now that’s a little better!

Next, I decided to let my creative juices flow and ended up with this combination. For the middle finger, I used OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. It’s my new favorite color; it is sort of a super-dark wine, almost looks black, but with a small hint of purple red in it.


(Click the photo above to follow it to my Nails board on Pinterest.)

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