Editorial Shoot: Men’s Wear

*Caution* This post is full of sibling bragging!

A few years ago, I was part of an organization called Hemline. Hemline was a fashion group, to which the majority of apparel design students at LSU belonged. At the end of the year, we always put on a fashion show to feature the work we had accomplished throughout the year. This particular year, my siblings had popped in for a visit, and they attended the end-of-year runway show. It just so happened that one of the designers did menswear and he needed male models, so, of course, I suggested my brother for the part…and that, my friends, was the start of a career!

Since that time, Jonathan has been signed to an agency here in Houston, as well as in Dallas, and I am proud to say he is starting to do quite well. We recently made the trip up to Dallas for him to shoot with the incredible photographer Cameron Frost (click HERE), who has also done work with Jesse McCartney (Say what?). I am incredibly proud of my brother, and all of the hard work he puts into his modeling career, and I wanted to share some of the photos from his recent shoot.

I am very proud of Jon; you can check out his full portfolio HERE! I cannot wait to share what he does next with you all!

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