Product Review: Garnier BB Cream

Foundation, personally I’ve never been fond of the stuff, nor do I make a habit of wearing it regularly. Occasionally, when going out, or for a special event, I would dig out my tube and apply it begrudgingly to my skin. I have a few complaints when it comes to the product, the first being I feel like you can always tell when people are wearing it, the second is that I feel as though it clogs your pores, and lastly it gets on everything, and who wants that?

Recently, however, I decided to try a BB cream, as they are marketed excellently, and they are supposed to help even out your skin tone. Once again, I headed to the glorious aisles of Target, picked out Garnier’s BB Cream, for incredibly pasty skin….uh…I mean creamy natural skin!

This morning, I woke up and took the lovely photo below… I feel like I should use #iwokeuplikethis as this photo is complete with my bedhead and fuzzy pink robe; please don’t judge me!


The best part about this foundation is that it applies like a cream! Not only does it apply easily, and smoothly into your skin effortlessly, but it is not apparent that you have anything on. It evens out your skin tone while helping to reduce shine during the day; see below.


Side by side, the difference is subtle, but it is certainly apparent. I have finally found a foundation that I LOVE, and I would certainly recommend this product to anyone!


If you have a favorite foundation, I’m always open to suggestions; message me and let me know!

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