Goodwill DIY

Thrift stores are like the X on a treasure map; if you follow the map, somewhere, inside the musty depths of those aisles, hang a few rare gems just waiting to be discovered. Now, it may take some digging, and sometimes you may come up empty-handed, but when you find that sought-after treasure, all of your work will be worth it! An added bonus is being able to rub in to your friends that the killer item you are rocking probably cost less than five bucks!

On this occasion, as I dug my way through Goodwill, I happened upon a pair of pleated, grandma pants…you know what I’m talking about…the pants that all of our grandmothers wear with the elastic waist and multiple pleats…well, as I evaluated a black pair, I realized that, if altered, they would make an amazing pair of high-waisted shorts! So, I set to work; this DIY does not even require any sewing; anyone can do it!

 Simply mark the length you would like the shorts to be, add a couple of inches, for cuffing purposes, and cut off the pant legs. Next, roll each cut edge up (to the outside), with the folded part being about an inch thick. Lastly, roll a second time and pressed the fold with an iron; this leaves the raw edge hidden, and you with a super-cute pair of shorts!

This DIY made for a perfect spring ensemble!

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