Festival Fashions

As the weather is beginning to cool off, and when I say cool off, I mean drop from 100 degrees to 89, it kicks off festival season here in Houston. There is something so invigorating about festivals, the costumes, the food, the masses coming together… it’s exciting to see everyone from various walks of life unite, and participate in one community event. This particular festival was The Original Greek Festival, a unique combination of Greek culture, portrayed through a collection of various foods, drinks, costumes, and crafts.

My favorite parts of any large event are the various unique styles of each individual person. These are a few of my favorite looks from the festival.

This adorable couple, clearly connect on more than just a romantic level, with their individual styles playing off one another perfectly. From their Doc Martins, cuffed denim, and the similar necklines, this couple was by far my favorite of the evening.


This adorable girl is making the transition into fall perfectly. By pairing her boots, socks, and fall-colored leggings, with a breezy top, it is the perfect way to segue into fall, yet keep cool in our still-sweltering Texas weather.


This young man, who clearly knows how to grow a killer beard, also looks quite dashing in his straight trousers and cool, bleach-splattered, button down.


This young couple was another favorite; as they strolled around sampling the various delicacies the festival had to offer, you can tell he is clearly proud of his gorgeous girlfriend who certainly knows how to rock a trendy chambray button-down with cut outs at the shoulders, lace shorts, and a killer pair of wrap wedges.


It’s all about the accessories for this girl however, as she paired these boots, sunglasses, and green bag, with her cute patterned dress, taking it to the next level.


These two teenagers are too cute in their maroon ensembles, and I’m obsessed with her gold choker necklace…new trend on the horizon?


I had an absolute blast at the festival, plus it gave me a chance to rock my new shades…


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