DIY Spring Wreath

I’ve always wanted to have one of “those” houses. The ones that have seasonal decorations year round…cute Christmas wreaths, then one for Valentine’s day, Easter, Spring and so on. However, I was shocked the first time I saw how expensive a wreath can be…no thank you. I don’t need to hang an $80 circle with fake flowers on my door for two months. Now, I understand not everyone feels the same way, but I’m a penny pincher and I just could not bear to spend that much money on something so frivolous. Yet, every time I passed a house with a cute seasonal wreath, I still stared longingly and wished I wasn’t such a Scrooge. Now, I know I’ve mentioned what a complete and total Pinterest addict I am…maybe not an addict because, “Hey, my followers NEED me right; I’m just doing it for them!” Well, one night as I was scrolling through the magical land of Pinterest, I came across several beautiful spring wreaths…a quick conversation with my sister and I was set. Making wreaths couldn’t be THAT hard, and certainly not when matched with my sister’s magical crafting abilities!

First stop…Hobby Lobby; make sure to check out their website as they always have a coupon, 40% off of the most expensive full-priced item, don’t mind if I do! The first items we bought were three grapevine wreaths (BUY HERE); they come in various sizes and, paired with our coupons, they were only $2.50 each! Next, you have to decide what sort of wreath you would like to create; I went with a succulent wreath, while my sister chose two magnolia wreaths.

For the magnolia wreaths, we bought one long strand of flowers and leaves, which we would later cut in two. For the succulents, we ran over to Michaels, where they had a 60% off sale, and bought a variety of succulents in assorted colors and shapes! Lastly, don’t forget to grab green craft wire; this is imperative for securely connecting the flowers/succulents to the wreaths.



I could bore you with a lengthy explanation on perfect placement of each flower by measuring the diameter of the wreath and dividing that by the circumference for the most eye-appealing arrangement, but I’m going to be honest, we just eyeballed them! I personally found that placing each piece on top of the wreath to get the right amount of spacing works best; then simply work your way from the bottom to the top, or vice versa, tying the succulents or flowers down with the craft wire.



I find that ideal placement comes when your creative juices are assisted by a glass of wine! My sweet boyfriend showed up partway through our crafting endeavors with a bottle of white (my favorite) and a bottle of red (my sister’s favorite) for us…I think I’ll keep him awhile longer. The second key to our perfect wreaths was guidance from a creative master…a.k.a Kingsley!


Don’t worry….He helped Christy with her magnolia wreath as well!


I am absolutely in love with our final products, and all in, my succulent wreath cost around $30, and Christy’s two Magnolia wreaths cost about $25! It’s the perfect DIY project to do with your sister, friends, or friendsters (friends/sisters)!






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