Goodnight Moon

Manicure Monday! My favorite day of the week dawned bright and sparkling, as I sipped on one very large cup of steaming black coffee, I began one of my favorite pass times… Painting my nails.

Any good manicure may require one or two failures, and after the first attempt was unsuccessful, I finally succeeded with what I consider “nail magic”… Okay maybe I’m a little over excited by simply painting my nails, but it is the little things in life right?

First, I started with a coat of blue L’Oreal (540) Jet Set to Paris, and applied it to all of my fingers, minus my thumbs. After that dried, I applied a second coat of blue, while on my thumbs I swiped on a two layers of Sally Hansen (330) Grey Area.


Using the same Sally Hansen (330), I started at the left side, and added a half moon to the center of each nail tip. When these had finished drying, I applied a second half moon on only my ring fingers, starting at the right side towards the center of my nails.


Finishing off with a clear top coat of Sally Hansen (100) Invisible, I submerged them in cold water for three minutes to complete the drying process, and that ladies and gentlemen completed my Manicure Monday.

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