Nail Whitening


After constantly having my nails painted, and due to my last manicure being a very summery yellow, I decided to try a DIY whitening recipe.

These are my nails pre-whitening!


With two simple house ingredients, hydrogen peroxide, and the go to staple of any good DIY, baking soda, I prepared to tackle another Pinterest DIY.


First, I began by scooping two tablespoons of baking soda into the dish; the recipe I found called for two and a half, but that seemed excessive. My reduced recipe was even enough for two people with additional leftover. I added one tablespoon of peroxide and mixed until a creamy paste was created.


Note: Make sure your dog does not attempt to eat said paste; apparently they find it appetizing.

Next, apply the substance to the tops of your nails, as well as making sure to fully saturate under your nail bed.


If you are lucky enough to have an awesome sister such as I do, maybe you can convince her to assist you.


And the after! They do appear to be slightly whiter, but for the best results I suggest re-applying ever week!


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