Secret Agent Ker

I’ve been a tad bit absent as of late; this is all due to, and to quote Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, “My life got flipped-turned upside down!”. Recently, one of the gals that worked for the Agency I work with left the company; this opened up an incredible opportunity for me. I was offered the position of TV Commercial and Film Agent, insane…I know! Well, after considering the offer and going through a lot of inner turmoil, I started my new job.

Wonder twins

The photo above features me, and my dear friend Devon, who happens to be the Model agent for the very same company! Clearly we are getting a lot of work done here! After a whirlwind week of training, many sleepless nights, pauses to take the above photo, and the onset of carpel-tunnel, I now feel…capable…thank the Lord!

After my first week of training, I had to go meet one of our top clients; it’s safe to say I was terrified. Of course, I took extra care picking out my outfit that day; many things came into consideration, the main one being, that I tend to look even younger than my already few years, so I tried to dress to appear more mature.


It did not work…I walked in and the first thing he says is “Aw…you’re cute…You look fifteen! What’s going on here?”…great confidence boost! Regardless of my age, or my appearance, I am determined to kick butt in this new position…now if I could just get my emails under 100 unread…

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