Restaurant Review: True Food Kitchen

*Apologies to my readers, who received the photos (via email) prematurely!
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Going out to eat, on occasion, can be a great break from the work that goes into preparing dinner. My biggest complaint, when it comes to restaurants, is that you pretty much throw any semblance of a healthy meal out the window. My sister (see photo below…isn’t she adorable!) and I decided to try a local restaurant known for its healthy options…say hello to True Food Kitchen!


The menu, while not extensive, offers a variety of surprisingly mouthwatering choices, without being boring or basic! Usually when venturing into the “healthy food zone”, you are offered a few strange-sounding substances that would never fully sustain you, but True Food Kitchen boasts common meals, made in healthy alternatives. (See the Quinoa Burger–that sounds DELICIOUS!)


Christy chose a delectable Spring Garden Vegetable salad, which stood up to their promise of using only the freshest ingredients! She said it was surprisingly filling for the size, appearing rather tiny.


I chose a slightly more protein-packed option, the Shaved Turkey, and boy, was it delicious!! The turkey was moist, and the dressing was combined with vegetables to create the perfect wrap.


Make sure to let us know if you try True Food Kitchen, and how you like it! We would strongly suggest adding the sweet potatoes to your meal, as they were delectable!

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