Blackhead Removal: Biore Charcoal

 Blackheads….whenever I hear the word, I think of tiny creatures that burrow into our skin and use their minuscule, evil arms to hold tightly to our faces. There are numerous scrubs, creams, and masks all boasting magical blackhead-removing powers, yet, many times, these promises fall short. I’ve used the Biore brand before, but as I was strolling the Target aisles, my eye was caught by their new product. Charcoal, they got me with charcoal. Now, I know that charcoal has many health super powers, whitening teeth being one of them, so I was suckered in by their clever use of charcoal.

FullSizeRender (5)

Jonathan and I used some hot water to open our pores, dampened our noses, and applied the cute black strips.


After waiting the allotted fifteen minutes, we eagerly pulled off the black strips and examined our pores. This product was actually pretty successful! You can view the gross success below.


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