Product Review – Biore Cleansing Pore Strips

Mondays are my day off so today I decided to test out Biore Deep Cleaning Pore Strips and let y’all decide how well they work.


First, cleanse your face, making sure to leave it wet. LEAVE IT WET! I made the mistake on my first attempt of not leaving enough liquid on my skin and it completely failed; when they say it will not work unless damp, they should clarify that with “Will not work unless sopping wet!” After your face is sufficiently wet, peel off the clear backing and quickly apply to your noggin. I let mine sit for the full fifteen minutes; when it was done, it felt like someone had papier-mâchéd my face.



After, I slowly peeled off the strip, I then washed the residue off and applied some honey on my skin to sooth it. Upon allowing the honey to set for about fifteen minutes, these are the rather disturbing photographs of the results.


IMG_7917 IMG_7919


IMG_7934-0 IMG_7934

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