Dallas Birthday Palooza


While some women may not look forward to their thirtieth birthday as they would their twenty-first, at least it is a great excuse for three sisters to travel across the globe… Or the the country… ok maybe three states.. ok for two of us the same state, and celebrate with uninhibited enthusiasm! For the aforementioned two of us, our epic tale begin in Houston, Texas. Seeing as our lives revolve around food, after several hours on the road, sustenance became our primary objective. Coming to terms with the fact that Belgian waffles to-go might be slightly impractical, we instead fixated on a deliciously juicy pulled pork BBQ sandwich. Since we were in Texas, one would think they would be readily available but, by the time we located a BBQ restaurant, our stomachs had nearly completed digesting themselves.


On a 0-5 scale we give Mckenzies Barbecue:

2 stars for quality
2 stars for price
3 stars for friendliness

(although, one creepy patron’s friendliness was not appreciated)

Tip: The peach cobbler is delicious!


Four hours of rodeo traffic, countless wrong turns, and numerous toll roads later we stumbled upon gate E 14 to pick up the Nebraska birthday girl, and headed to our hotel.


La Quinta (Addison):
4 stars for quality
3.75 stars for price
4.5 stars for friendliness

Tip: Make friends with employee Jay. He is fun, entertaining, and gives you free ice cream.


After checking in, we headed out for snacks, alcohol, and msg-filled Chinese food!


The Jasmine earned:
3 stars for quality
2 stars for price
2.5 stars for friendliness

Tip: They call Crab Rangoon “Cheese Bowls”???

Weary from our travels, we decided the hotel bed was the optimal location to devour our Chinese.


Due to the fact that we were slightly overeager in the snack and alcohol department, we decided to spend the night by the hotel pool and indulge in an obscene number of calories.



The next morning after our continental breakfast, and stereotypical Starbucks coffee, we headed to the salon for a day of pampering.


We awarded the Calm Hair & Nail Spa:

4.5 stars for quality
4 stars for price
5 stars for friendliness

Tip: Ask for Adam (the manager); his fingers have magical massaging capabilities that will reduce you to mush.


After being fully pampered at the spa, we carefully, so as not to smudge our finger and toe nails, teetered across the street to a delectable-looking sushi restaurant. Leery on account of the lack of patrons, we decided to “tempt fate”, and procured a shaded table on the patio. Despite its seeming lack of popularity, which we later discovered was due to the establishment being closed, the place was enjoyable. We even had a Groupon (For a limited time click HERE) for a great deal!

We gave Hypnotic Sushi:

4 stars for quality
3 stars for price
5 stars for friendliness

20140414-145735.jpg 20140414-145749.jpg

20140414-145803.jpg 20140414-145818.jpg

Tip: The Pomegranate Martini is the best on the list!


The rest of our day was chalk-full of shopping and gallivanting about Houston, as only three sisters can do. We topped off the night with drinks and snacks by the pool before cuddling up in our beds and watching…chick flicks of course!


As the morning sun crept across the sky, it was with great sorrow that we proceeded to pack our belongings and check out of the hotel. We enjoyed our last supper, so to speak, at a rather grungy-looking  diner called Breakfast and Burgers. To our delight, the place was quaint and the meal, while greasy, was superb.


After snapping a photo with the birthday girl, and promising our darling three-toothed waitress we would visit again, we proceeded home, bidding Dallas a fond farewell.


Note: Select the bold title of the various establishments to see their websites.

Dallas skyline photo from http://www.city-data.com

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